Coating and Painting Inspector – Wellhead Platform

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Type of activity

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Coating and Painting Inspector - Wellhead Platform


Temporary, 12 months

14 August 2019

Job title:

Coating and Painting Inspector - Wellhead Platform



Type of activity:

Temporary, 12 months

Post date

14 August 2019

Job description

Job brief:

We are looking for an experienced Painting and Coating Inspector -Wellhead Platform Fabrication with an excellent understanding of engineering, manufacturing and construction for Oil & Gas equipment to provide support to our project Midia Gas Development (MGD).

Job scope:

To ensure awareness of and compliance with HSEQ rules and regulations by Contractors / Suppliers.
To ensure that Contractors / Suppliers comply with QA/QC requirements regarding documentation filling, material and control traceability, materials/equipment reception, storage & preservation, installation, control, proof testing, functional testing.
To ensure compliance on work sites with QA/QC rules and standards, identify and reporting the non-conformances.


• Acknowledge and implement the requirements of company management system. Collaborate with HSEQ Management to implement BSOG’s IMS, application control, efficacy assessment and update.
• Acknowledge and implement the requirements of Project / Corporate HSE & Quality Plans addressing to specific discipline and area of activity.
• Ensure the QA/QC works are adequately planed, organised and carried out to the right level of quality. Ensure that QA/QC requirements are fulfilled.
• Report immediately any anomalies discovered related to specific requirements. When applicable issue the non conformance reports and assist in developing of corrections, corrective actions.
• Perform site works supervision and inspections on project phases addressing to specific discipline, as per the project requirements, applicable standards and approved Inspection and Test Plans.
• Ensure performance of quantitative and qualitative receptions of all materials and equipment received on site for painting and coating works execution. Verify the quality documentation of products supplied on site, respectively their correspondence with the provisions included in the projects.
• Ensure the painting works are performed according to the approved engineering design requirements and specified standards / regulations. Review and approve related site inspection reports and quality documents applicable to specific discipline.
• Provide inputs for preparation of the procedures / instructions required in the company’s activities.
• Monitor the progress of painting and coating performance, related inspection activities on work sites and submit regular reports to line manager.
• Ensure the validity of the Contractors / Suppliers company certificates, certificates of key personnel and infrastructure used on site (personnel work specific certificate, authorisations, inspection tools calibration certificate, equipment & machinery certificate, etc.) applicable to specific works.
• Check the existence and validity of the painting and coating personnel qualification and certification, equipment calibration and certification, working procedures & specifications applicable for site works.
• Review, comments and approve the Contractors’ / Suppliers’ procedures and specifications applicable to painting & coating works, including final documentation and certification files.
• Monitor and control site implementation of the approved Quality Plans, Inspection Test Plans, specific procedures and method statements.
• Ensure the safe painting & coating works and supervision on project locations, compliance with applicable standards and procedures.
• Follow up the implementation of action plans issued from project meetings, non-conformances, Quality Reports, Audit Reports, authorities notifications and/or line management request.
• Site supervision and inspection of all painting & coating works performed on specific project.

• Review and ensure that all quality files for site painting & coating works (i.e. material certification, surface preparation, application, testing, site inspection reports, others) are up to date and validated, including documentation from vendors / contractors and notifications to/from authorities and third parties as applicable.
• Ensure that the painting & coating works are closely inspected by the Contractor’s / Supplier’s QC inspection team with fulfilment of specific project quality requirements.
• Verify the site painting & coating work status, prepares the progress reports and ensure the applicable Contractor’s monthly payment slips is validated in accordance with the existing situation.
• Liaise with the Constructor’s site construction – painting & coating engineers, QA/QC representatives, third parties and independent verification bodies and provide technical support to sustain BSOG’s project work progress and to ensure high quality works.
• Attendance to construction meetings and presents status and concerns related to painting & coating activity domain.
• Verify, monitor and assures guiding support for the completion of the Construction Technical Book for painting & coating works and for compliance to applicable codes, standards, specifications and regulations.
• Attendance and provide inputs to Audits (Internal / External) organised in its area of supervision. Keeps under control and verifies the resolution of the corrections / corrective actions.

Education and Qualification:

• University degree; Engineering background with certification in painting & coating inspection (NACE level II, or equivalent).
• Minimum 5 years’ experience as Painting and Coating Inspection in Oil & Gas field, offshore / onshore projects.
• Good knowledge of painting & coating (surface and materials preparation, work performance, inspection, painting records, testing, DFT measurement, final report,) applications on piping/structural/equipment used on Oil & Gas industry. Familiar with international codes, standards and regulations (EN ISO 8501, EN ISO 8502, EN ISO 8503, EN ISO 4624, EN ISO 12944-5, EN ISO 11124, ISO 19840, ISO 20340, NACE SP 0188, NORSOK M-501, NORSOK U-001, others equivalent)
• Experienced in handling the painting construction book dossiers, detailed engineering documentation, interpretation of isometrics, plans and specifications.
• Good command of English language (written and spoken).
• Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Terms and conditions:

• Freelancer/contractor position
• 12 months temporary position
• Location: Constanta


If interested and qualified, please upload your CV and a brief cover letter in the form below, by August 20th, 2019.

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