Commissioning and Start-up Manager

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Type of activity

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Commissioning and Start-up Manager


Temporary, 10 months

12 March 2021

Job title:

Commissioning and Start-up Manager



Type of activity:

Temporary, 10 months

Post date

12 March 2021

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Commissioning and Start-up Manager with an excellent technical understanding of all disciplines to provide support to our project Midia Gas Development (MGD).

Role scope

  • To write Company procedures for MGD project Start-up and Operation manual.
  • To supervise the set-up performed by EPCIC Contractor of a full commissioning and completions management system for MGD Project.
  • To manage and monitor the pre-commissioning, commissioning performed by the EPCIC Contractor (the Contractor) Subcontractors and Vendors.
  • To lead start-up activities with the assistance of the EPCIC Contractor (the Contractor) Subcontractors and Vendors.
  • To ensure safety procedures, practices and equipment are in place for all Personnel during testing activities and introduction of hydrocarbon, power, pressure etc into the equipment and facilities.
  • Supervision of Company Operations team members for Company responsibility activities including Introduction of Hydrocarbons during Commissioning and Start Up.
  • To attend to the FAT of each COMPANY ITEMS (Turbo-compressor, Offshore and Onshore Power Generation).
  • To assist to identify and manage potential Hazards during Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up.

 Key activities

Preparation of Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start Up Activities

  • To ensure that all pre-commissioning and commissioning and start up engineering documents are prepared in good time by the EPCIC Contractor or Vendors, approved by Project, and available for use.
  • To ensure that all construction equipment and all temporary facilities required for pre-commissioning and commissioning and start up are provided in good time by the Contractor.
  • To ensure Company Operations team is fully manned, trained and qualified to perform the works.

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Activities

  • To ensure that pre-commissioning and commissioning activities are performed by the Contractor according to approved procedures and contract requirements, including, as applicable:

–     provision of necessary pre-commissioning and commissioning spare parts, equipment, tools, instruments and fluids.

–     acquisition and maintenance of all pre-commissioning and commissioning documentation and records, including:

  • pre-commissioning checklists, test sheets, database, punch lists, dossiers
  • commissioning preliminary checks, functional tests, operational tests, database, punch lists, hand-over dossier

–     performance of repair work for defective systems and re-testing as required.

  • To participate in the Contractor’s HSE and work planning meetings as required.
  • To witness pre-commissioning and commissioning testing activities by the Contractor.
  • To ensure pre-commissioning/commissioning activities performed as per agreed schedule/milestone dates.

Pre-start-up /Start up Activities

  • To ensure that the pre-start-up activities are performed by the EPCIC Contractor according to approved procedures and Contract requirements, including supply and storage of operating consumables and first fills, and spare parts.
  • To monitor performance testing of the facilities for start-up.

Coordination with Project Management Team and Reporting

  • To report on pre-commissioning and commissioning activities to the COO/Project Director.
  • To prepare data for project reporting in conjunction with Company Project Controls Manager.

Education & Qualification

  • Graduate Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation), with minimum 15 years’ experience of international oil and gas projects (on and offshore, design engineering, construction, field engineering or plant operation), with at least 10 years’ experience in pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up activities.
  • Fluency in English (speaking and writing). Romania speaking will be a plus.
  • Good knowledge of Oil & Gas industry safe working practices, included permit to work systems.
  • Thorough understanding of the risks and the technical / commercial issues associated with the development of oil and gas projects and operation of such plants/facilities.
  • Experience in Contract management.
  • Significant relevant experience in the design, construction and commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills with good communications skills are essential.

Terms and conditions

  • Freelancer/contractor position
  • Shall be fully autonomous and able to write Start-up procedures + Company Operations Manual
  • Location: Agigea and Vadu
  • Duration: 10 months

If interested and qualified, please upload your CV in the form below by March 20th, 2021.

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