Supply vessel to Jupiter platform during the drilling of Eugenia well, 2012
Supply vessel to Jupiter platform during the drilling of Eugenia well, 2012

HSE policy

Black Sea Oil & Gas is committed to conduct all of its operations in a manner which protects people and property and strives to improve its health and safety performance.

The management of health and safety issues is an integral part of the company’s management arrangements and commands at least equal prominence when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.

The Corporate Management System in place ensures the compliance with national and European laws and regulations and its continuous review to ensure the application of best industry practices.

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Environmental policy

Black Sea Oil & Gas conducts its activities in a manner which will minimize the impact on the environment through appropriate planning, ongoing review and taking a responsible approach to our operations.

At Black Sea Oil & Gas we continuously improve our performance by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and monitoring our progress. We recognise that minimising environmental impact and the prevention of environmental incidents is essential to the operation of our business.

Black Sea Oil & Gas is ISO 14001 certified.

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Quality Policy

BSOG management is permanently involved in promoting an organizational culture and improving the Quality Management System by observing the below quality principles:

  1. Build a mutually profitable relationship with all our interested parties, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers as well;
  2. Achieve our commitments for quality, cost, and schedule;
  3. Processes will be developed and controlled to prevent errors before they occur;
  4. Continuous improvement will be achieved by having an effective corrective and preventive action; program that will address and eliminate causes of nonconforming services and products;
  5. Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability through appropriate development programs and show strong management involvement and commitment.

Using these guiding principles, everyone working for BSOG is accountable for quality of products and services managed within the company.

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