Our mission is to develop our existing gas discoveries in the Black Sea, expand our presence and become a leading player in the Romanian oil and gas sector. BSOG also has a mandate to become a significant independent development and production company in the region.

We believe we are well positioned to achieving these objectives because:

  • We benefit from solid financial backing from supportive and strong financial shareholders such as Carlyle International Energy Partners and the EBRD.
  • We have a highly skilled workforce and experienced operational management team. Accountability and perseverance are the two coordinates that characterize our everyday activity.
  • Our company is defined by a pioneering spirit that constantly pushes us to reaching new heights in our quest for excellence.
  • Our activity is aimed at offering the best possible value for our shareholders, while providing a basis for community benefits and maximizing the opportunities that communities can harness.
  • We are soon to inaugurate the 1st offshore gas development project in the Romanian Black Sea after December 1989. We will have the ability to tie back even more discoveries once infrastructure has been built.
  • We have clear HSE records and we perform our operations in compliance with national and international regulations and best practices in the offshore oil & gas sector.
  • Our ongoing work in Romania is extremely important, especially since the country holds a strategic geopolitical location in terms of access to markets and routes, including through the Black Sea, where Constanta is the largest and deepest port with a potential to become the Aberdeen of the Black Sea.