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Warning: False job offers in the name of Black Sea Oil & Gas SA (BSOG) Read more

We were recently informed that people seeking jobs within the oil and gas industry are being approached by illegitimate sources using fabricated job listings at BSOG and are being requested to provide personal information details and even apply for a work visa in Romania. Please be advised that BSOG’s contact details are only those which appear on our website and the only job openings available are those posted under the Careers section of our website: BSOG HR team will never give mobile telephone numbers as contact details and will never use an email address which does not belong to (like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) to correspond with an applicant. Fake Recruitment Campaigns and Job Scams are not connected in any way with BSOG.

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Currently there are no open positions at BSOG.

Currently there are no open positions at BSOG.

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