Control Room Operator

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Job title

Control Room Operator



Type of activity

Temporary, 1 year

Post date

12 March 2021

Job description

We are looking for an experienced Control Room Operator (CRO) with an excellent project management, commissioning, start-up and technical understanding to provide support initially to our Project Midia Gas Development (MGD) and continue during Operational phase.

Role scope

  • Provide support and advice to the Construction & Commissioning, Reservoir Engineering and Drilling/Well Ops departments during the project execution and start-up phase
  • The CRO is a shared rotational position with shared roles and accountabilities, reporting directly to the Production/ Operations Supervisor and keep him informed of process operation on a shift basis. His primary role is to maintain a safe and efficient operation and general control of Facility, being competent in Emergency Response duties.
  • The CRO in conjunction with the Production/ Operations Supervisor, coordinates with appropriate parties to maintain operational safety and efficiency. Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the Process to produce on specification quality exportable gas. Responsible for the processing of produced water to environmental specifications for disposal.
  • The CRO is responsible for generating Facility Morning Report, Well Test Report, Antipollution Logbook; and maintaining accurate records, reports and legal documents (Offshore and Onshore).
  • The CRO is responsible to maintain the PTW (Permit to Work) register and to monitor and control ongoing work.
  • Directs and controls the operations of the Midia Gas Development Project, on 24 hrs basis with an objective to strive for the highest possible production while minimizing the potential for occupational health and safety incidents.
  • Assumes overall responsibility for the safe and efficient operation from CCR, for daily operations of all facilities (Wellhead Platform, Subsea Well and Gas Treatment Plant)
  • Plan, resource, monitor all activities of operations which includes checking of plant equipment, adjustment in operating parameters and quality control of products.
  • Plan, resource and guides the team during critical activities like plant start-up, shutdown and emergencies.
  • Provide Operations support and Installation specific advice to the Construction & Commissioning, Reservoir Engineering and Drilling/Well Ops departments during the project execution phase.
  • Accountability for the safe operation of the facility to meet production targets and to ensure a continuous production on a day-to-day basis.
  • The CRO is responsible for ensure compliance on operation of the Process with requirements of Operation Manual, HSEQ Rules and standards, identify and reporting the nonconformances.


  • Safe and environmentally process operation by working on Control Room MGD.
  • Maximize the production of on-spec gas without process shut down due to human error.
  • Efficiently control room MGD operation. In conjunction with Productions/ Operations Supervisor, effectively plan and organize Process activities towards good results.
  • Effectively coordinate with MGD Facility other departments with his authority level to maintain a safe and efficient field wide operation.
  • Effectively monitor daily PTW progress. Assist Issuing Authorities to eliminate any conflict among ongoing activities.
  • Effectively communicate with appropriate individuals. Provide effective handover (what happened, what’s on going) to relief of shift or hitch.
  • Promote identification and reporting of Near Misses and Unsafe Acts/Conditions Identification Program.
  • Continuously improve administrative skills: English, Computer skill, CMMS.
  • Provide supports to complete: Update of all As Built Drawings and P&IDs to ensure that final revisions on board are current having captured. Developing of Operating Procedures to meet current Process operation situation and to cover Process all major routine activities.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to complete planned major works, provide leadership to identify potential safety hazards and control measures. Actively participates in job planning meetings.
  • Effectively communicate and take records as an Emergency Duty Team member in CCR in case of emergency.
  • Train the assigned CRO trainee in CCR safely and effectively.
  • Supervises the operation of the facilities, machinery and equipment in complete safety conditions, prevention and elimination of discontinuances and deficiencies during their operation; communicates to the superiors all the accidental breakdowns.
  • Performs technical and economic analysis of installations and facilities from her/his area of responsibility.
  • Developing an awareness of operating costs and continually striving to reduce expenditure and to meet production targets.
  • Is responsible for the achievement of defined production volumes and reduction of losses; signalizes the reasons for nonconformities or production deferment.
  • Is responsible for the execution of the monthly operational plan.
  • Monitor plant performance and actively implement a program of continuous improvement in all areas.
  • Supports the definition and identification of the maintenance needs, the scheduling of activities and cost forecasts – analyses the economic efficiency of each proposed work.
  • Contributes to work acceptance and warranty procedure for services performed.
  • Manage production chemicals and consumables for the asset’s continual operation.
  • Analyzes impact of equipment status upon production (e.g. technology impacts), proposes prioritization of unplanned maintenance activities and prepares notification for unplanned well/facility maintenance.
  • Analyses and establish necessary materials, spare parts, tools and necessary devices for an efficient production process.
  • Cooperates with the other departments in case of repairing or workovers to maintain continuous production process.
  • Provides input for the monthly operational plan and forecast.
  • Establish activities schedule for winter preparations and specify necessary materials for production department.
  • Stand in as Production/Operations Supervisor and/or Field Operator as required.
  • Lead a team of Onshore/Offshore Operations Technicians during the commissioning and operational phase.
  • Act as a permit controller to monitor and control execution of work under PTW system. Issue/acknowledge the Permit to Work for all works delivered in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Ensure Staff competency is appropriate and ensure that operations personnel are properly trained in emergency procedures.
  • Propose subordinate personnel to attend specialty courses.
  • Supports the evaluation process for the subordinated personnel.
  • Contributes to increasing his and subordinate personnel professional level.
  • Ensuring compliance with the safety management system.
  • Controller of the safe systems of work for the Asset.
  • Assist in Coordinating response to emergencies.
  • Control critical situations.
  • Ensuring compliance with the operating safety case.
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory, statutory and company requirements.
  • Contribute to the asset planning process for short/mid/long term planning of maintenance and intervention activities.
  • Maintain a safe and effective working environment.
  • Protect the reputation and interests of Black Sea Oil & Gas at all times.

Experience & Qualifications

  • University degree in Oil &Gas and/or relevant experience in the field.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in petroleum/oil & gas industry with at least 3 years in a CRO position.
  • Excellent knowledge both nationally and internationally of onshore & offshore hydrocarbon production systems and equipment maintenance systems.
  • Experience with DCS systems (Honeywell is a plus) and as Control Room Operator.
  • Familiar with Area Authority in Computer based safe system of work or to same level in paper-based system.
  • Competent in Emergency Response Procedures and Instructions.
  • Excellent understanding of the regulatory limits and monitoring requirements for emissions and discharges.
  • Competent at carrying out complex risk assessment and analysis.
  • Previous experience in the Safe Isolation and Re-Instatement of Plant process.
  • Experience in control of work regarding Greenfield construction and commissioning sites.
  • Experience in plant Shutdowns for maintenance activities.
  • Excellent supervisory, inter-personal relations and communication skills.
  • Experience in operating gas refining terminals employing gas compression and hydrocarbon dewpoint reduction techniques.
  • Previous experience in operating unmanned platforms is a plus.(Offshore experience)
  • Previous experience with PTW System
  • Fluent in English both written and verbal.
  • Good IT Skills.

 Qualifications/Training – Essential

  • National qualification in an Operations discipline, or equivalent suitable experience demonstrated.
  • Valid BOSIET certificate is a plus

Qualifications/Training – Desirable

  • First Aid Training.
  • Training in the management of Major Emergencies
  • Trained in Risk Assessment Techniques, Emergency response/fire team leader to a suitable level.

Terms and conditions:

  • Location: Vadu/Constanta and short-term Offshore assignments – Romania
  • Temporary role: 1 year

If interested and qualified, please upload your CV in the form below by December 28th, 2021.

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