Environmental Engineer

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Job title

Environmental Engineer


Vadu, Romania

Type of activity


Post date

22 September 2022

Job description

Developing and executing plans to ensure regulatory compliance obligations are fulfilled in a cost-effective manner, and environmental risks are successfully managed. The position will be based mainly in GTP Vadu Office (60% of working time), shared with activity in Constanta Office and with potential visits to local Environmental Authorities, as required.


  • Collecting, analysing, and managing environmental data, on all indicators and preparing environmental reports for regulatory bodies and other environmental items required;
  • Analysing samples results including soil, water, plant material, emissions and more and investigate complaints or situations related to the environment aspects and propose corrective actions, where is necessary;
  • Act as focal contact point for BSOG with local Environmental Authorities in respect of environmental activities performed during onshore and offshore operations;
  • Submit accurate and on time reports to authorities related environmental indicators according to BSOG permits;
  • Monitor the hazardous substances inventory and provide monthly reports of consumption analysing any discrepancies from the established level;
  • Participate in preparation or review of environmental documentation and studies, including but not limited to: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA); Environmental discharges (air, water, land, waste, etc.) modelling studies and provide specialised inputs during onshore and offshore operations.
  • Excellent understanding and ability to develop plan to reach Stakeholders target and report accordingly;
  • Bring BSOG Environmental reporting to highest level to be benchmarked with O&G peers report emissions on a higher level of granularity;
  • Developing reporting and executing plans to ensure align regulatory compliance obligations are fulfilled in a cost-effective manner, and that environmental risks are successfully managed;
  • Participate actively to BSOG decarbonization plan/strategy and green projects implementation;
  • Collecting and analysing environmental data;
  • Carrying out site assessments to determine the environmental impact of BSOG activity;
  • Prepare, issue, review and implement of environment specific documents from HSE Management System (in terms of standards, procedures, specifications) related to onshore and offshore operations;
  • Provide environmental inputs in issuing, review, and implementation of Operations Management HSE Plan and other specific BSOG HSE documentation.
  • Develop and perform in Environmental Audits and Inspections (internal/external) related to onshore and offshore operations.
  • Monitors environmental legal requirements applicable to onshore and offshore operations and provide specific inputs to Operations Management, recommending necessary actions to ensure compliance.
  • Informs BSOG HSE Manager, Operations Manager and OIM on any Environmental nonconformance identified, or doubt, discrepancy, impossibility to continue the work under the prescribed conditions and assists in problem solving.
  • Participate and provide inputs to regular meetings related to specific environmental activities.
  • Ensure good communication with BSOG HSE Manager, Operations Manager, OIM, HSE Officer and operation team members for environmental specific aspects;
  • Comply with Company HSE and Quality rules and regulations as well as with applicable regulatory requirements;
  • Provide environmental inputs referring to Plant Operations and Maintenance Manuals and specific emergency response plans;
  • Develop and implement employees/suppliers/vendors training program to update and build environmental awareness to meet environmental performance indicators;
  • Provide environmental inputs to the HSE ‘lessons learnt’ review.


  • Perform its work tasks in such manner that it will not endanger him/herself or other surrounding ones;
  • Work without actions or omissions leading to hazards;
  • Make correct use of machinery and/or hazardous chemicals and correct use of PPE provided by employer;
  • Refrain from disconnecting or arbitrarily remove any safety devices form work equipment’s provided;
  • Immediately inform employer regarding any serious or immediate hazards from his workplace or any work-related incident/accident happened during work process;
  • Cooperate with employer to implement any HSE control actions and to ensure a safe working environment within the Company;
  • Compliance and knowledge of Company HSE rules and regulations as well as with Romanian Legal HSE Requirements;
  • Cooperate with authorities’ representatives and provide them with information regarding work related accidents as whiteness or any other information, as requested.


  • MSc Degree in Environmental Engineering/Environmental Protection or Oil & Gas/Petrochemical/Chemical Engineering from an accredited university;
  • Training and/or certification in related Environmental topics such as: environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, waste management, emissions, root cause analysis, emergency response is requested. Also, knowledge of ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standard requirements is required;
  • Romanian recognised environmental qualification (Environmental Inspector; Waste Management responsible, etc.) are required;
  • Knowledge of offshore oil & gas industry specific technical codes and regulations, including:
  • Advanced environmental competence training certificate (e.g. Environmental Management NEBOSH Certificate) is a plus;
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a similar position/project with an Operator or Drilling Contractor in the offshore oil & gas industry;
  • Environmental engineering activities experience in similar previous projects is required;
  • Must be proficient in the use of computers and associated MS Office software and to possess excellent administrative and organizational competencies;
  • Personal attributes:
  • ability to perform evaluation of operations from a technical safety and process safety perspective;
  • proactive, fast learner, self-motivated characteristic with good organizational and team working skills;
  • dedicated, hardworking, personal initiative, collaborate, team player, enthusiastic, energetic;
  • high level of integrity, analytic with attention to detail;
  • strong sense of integrity and the ability to deal with ethical situations effectively.

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Vadu, Romania

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