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HSE Officer

Vadu, Romania


11 December 2023

Job description

We are looking for an experienced HSE Officer – Gas Treatment Plant with extensive knowledge and practice in production oil & gas/petrochemical industry.

Role scope

Carrying out occupational safety and health activities, emergencies, civil and environment protection, to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, to protect against fires and to limit the loss of life and material damage in the event of emergencies, for maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system for occupational health and safety, environment and quality.


General tasks and responsibilities:

  1. The responsibilities are applicable both for the activity carried out in the gas treatment plant and for the activity carried out at sea at the natural gas extraction platform.
  2. Monitors compliance with occupational safety and health requirements, emergencies and the environment for the activities carried out on the territory of the gas treatment plant and the marine gas extraction platform.
  3. Promotes the practice of stopping work if there is a significant danger of an event occurring.
  4. Participates actively in the emergency response team and coordinates the intervention team in the operation of the helicopter, according to the emergency plans approved at the company level.
  5. Acts for first aid in the event of an emergency or if necessary, only if it considers that it can do so safely, without endangering its own life.
  6. Supervises the waste management process.
  7. Monitor the activities so that they are carried out in accordance with the environmental permit and the specific procedures for environmental protection.
  8. Participates, at the request of the supervisor, in temporary or interdepartmental projects or activities, on a temporary basis, depending on his role and competencies, in order to contribute to the achievement of the team’s objectives.


Specific OH&S responsibilities and tasks for the position:

  1. Participates in preparation and permanent updating of the specific documentation of the occupational safety and health management system, in order to ensure the best conditions in the development of the work process:
  • elaboration / revision of occupational safety and health standards, procedures and work instructions and other specific documents;
  • prepares specific documents for staff training: training and retraining programs, OSH training topics for all departments in the operating segment and monitors these activities.
  1. Provides general introductory training in occupational safety and health and emergency situations for new employees, interns, delegates, visitors, as well as retraining of its own staff, in order to apply and comply with the legislation and internal requirements of the company.
  2. Performs preventive inspections on occupational health and safety, to assess compliance with legal regulations and other requirements in order to improve occupational health and safety and prevent possible events:
  • prepares inspection reports and sends e-mails with the findings made to the factors involved;
  • proposes preventive / corrective actions following its own inspections or those carried out by tutelary forums and monitors their application;
  • informs the area supervisor of any violation of the occupational health and safety legislation found;
  • identifies the risks of accidents and occupational diseases associated with the processes carried out, in order to evaluate / re-evaluate them according to the legal requirements.
  1. Participates in the assessment / reassessment teams of occupational safety and health risks in occupational safety and health for the company’s workstations.
  2. Performs audits for the purpose of ongoing assessment of the degree of implementation and compliance with applicable legislation and requirements of the organization’s management system. Monitors the application of corrective actions resulting from audits.
  3. Participates in the investigation of events and accidents at work with temporary incapacity for work, incidents, occupational diseases, in accordance with the legislation in force and in accordance with internal procedures and instructions.
  4. Participates in the development of overhaul works, in the reception of objectives after revisions, repairs, modernizations, both in the gas treatment plant and on the natural gas extraction platform in order to verify compliance with specific requirements for safety and health at work, fire prevention and extinguishing, emergency and environmental situations.
  5. Replaces the Head of the Internal Prevention and Protection Service in case of his absence (vacation days, business trips, medical leave, etc.).
  6. Collaborates with the medical service to monitor the health of employees.
  7. Monitors physical and chemical hazards in the workplace, collaborates with representatives of the authorized laboratory for receiving and centralizing data.
  8. Participates in the meetings scheduled within the company, contributing to the requirements of occupational safety and health, fire protection and the environment.
  9. Checks the implementation of the system of working premits and participates randomly in specific training before the start of the shift or before the start of work performed by subcontractors.
  10. Transmits specific data for the preparation of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports specific to the activity of safety and health at work, fire protection and environment.
  11. Archives in accordance with the provisions of the internal instructions the specific documentation of the Internal Prevention and Protection Service.
  12. Checks and reviews specific occupational safety and health, fire protection and environmental documentation submitted by service providers before work begins.


Specific responsibilities and tasks for the emergency situations activities

  1. Maintains the specific documentation to emergencies and civil protection, for the transposition of legal and regulatory requirements in specific documents:
  • analyzes the particularities of activities and jobs;
  • elaborates and updates the civil protection documents: Internal Emergency Plan (PUI); Evacuation plan; Notification and alarm plan; Plan for earthquakes and landslides; Flood plan and dangerous weather events; Risk Analysis and Coverage Plan (PAAR); Organization of civil protection activity;
  • elaborates and updates the authority acts regarding fire protection (provisions, regulations, rules, measures, etc.);
  • elaborates and updates the documents specific to fire protection: Intervention plan; Identification and assessment of fire risks; Fire safety scenario; The plan of action.
  • draws up / updates the list of dangerous substances, classified according to the law, in order to comply with the legal requirements.
  • participates randomly in the trainings performed at the workplace and verifies the knowledge and application by the workers of the information received.
  • communicates to employees the new / modified legal requirements in the field of emergency situations.
  1. Identifies the fire risks associated with the processes carried out, in order to properly prevent the level of risk.
  • studies fire safety scenarios developed by designers.
  • participates in the elaboration and application of the concept of fire protection at the level of the gas treatment plant and of the marine extraction platform.
  • following the analysis of the fire protection activity, elaborates / updates and transmits to the departments the Emergency Situations Action Plan.
  • proposes risk prevention measures.
  • keep records of fire extinguishers, alarms and warnings.
  1. Performs inspections / audits, documents reports and proposes corrective actions to report non-conformities, in order to prevent events.
  • verifies the observance by the employees of the instructions regarding the fire protection and civil protection measures.
  • checks the condition of the fire extinguishers.
  • verifies the manner of issuing / filling / complying with the fire work permit.
  • checks the storage of combustible products / waste.
  • ensures that the verification, maintenance and repair of fire protection means is done with certified personnel, according to the legal requirements.
  • verifies the observance of the fire protection measures, duly signaled by warning signs, by the persons outside the company.
  • verifies the observance of the clauses of the Conventions (annexes to service contracts).
  • prepares and transmits to all the functions involved the reports resulting from the inspections / audits.
  1. Monitors the application of corrective actions resulting from its own inspections, those carried out by specialized state enitites, or those established following the investigation of emergency situations events, in order to resolve documented non-compliances in the line of emergency situations.
  • verifies the timely compliance of the established actions.
  • communicates with those responsible for the application of the actions, in order to “close” the actions completed on time / to establish the extension of the resolution deadlines (when applicable).
  • communicates the stage of implementation of the actions to the specialized state entities (ISU) / requests the extension of some terms (when applicable).
  1. Ensures the obtaining of emergency situations approvals / authorizations, according to the legal norms in force.
  • studies the legal requirements for identifying the documents to be prepared and submitted to the issuing authority / authorizations.
  • ensures the observance of the conditions that were the basis for the issuance of permits / authorizations.
  1. Participates in the investigation of emergency situations events, according to the legal norms in force.
  • is a member of the event research commitees.
  • participates in the preparation of event reports.
  1. Participates in the preparation and development of revision works, respectively in the reception of objectives after revisions, repairs, modernizations, in order to achieve the measures from the point of view of the US:
  • draws up lists of works to be carried out from Fire Protection point of view during the revision.
  • performs inspections and verifies the way of carrying out the revision works.
  • verifies how the emergency situations measures provided for in the projects have been complied with.
  1. Analyzes, from the point of view of compliance with the requirements, the offers sent by the suppliers of fire protection or services, in order to make the selection of offers according to the established procedures.
  2. Collaborates with all sectors of the organization in organizing the fire protection activity, in order to comply with the legal requirements and system documents in each department:
  • explains in details the requirements of the legislation for emergency situations.
  • proposes ways to document activities in specific instructions.
  • proposes ways to solve Fire Protection issues appeared.
  1. Organizes staff training and preparedness for emergency situations
  • elaborates the topics for all the training phases;
  • verifies and participates randomly in the trainings performed at the workplace;
  • participates in exercises and applications specific to emergency situations and directly leads the actions of alarm, evacuation, intervention, limitation and removal of the consequences of emergency situations;
  • maintains in operation the transmission-alarm means, the accommodation spaces and the own technical means, destined for shelter or intervention, keep their records and check them periodically.


General QHSE responsibilities:

  1. Has direct responsibility for compliance and enforcement:
  • of the requirements of the legislation as they are applicable to his workplace, in the fields: occupational health and safety, emergencies, environmental protection, quality management.
  • of the requirements of the integrated management system implemented in the organization and those resulting from the QHSE Policy of Black Sea Oil & Gas S.A.
  • of training programs related to paragraphs A and B, in the form and according to the programming provided by the organization.
  • of the Internal Regulations, the company’s policies and procedures, as well as the work procedures specific to the activity.
  1. He shall carry out his duties in accordance with his training and instruction, as well as with instructions received from the direct supervisor, so as not to expose to injury or illness both his own person and other persons who may be affected by his actions or omissions in during the work process. In this regard, workers have the following obligations:
  • to use correctly the machines, equipment, tools, hazardous substances, transport equipment and other means of production, according to the technical instructions, as well as those given by the direct supervisor;
  • to use correctly the personal protective equipment provided and, after use, to return it or put it in the place intended for storage;
  • not to proceed with the decommissioning, modification, replacement or arbitrary removal of their own safety devices, in particular of machines, apparatus, tools, installations and buildings, and to use these devices correctly;
  • not to carry out unauthorized maneuvers or unauthorized modifications of the fire protection systems;
  • immediately communicate to the employer and / or designated workers any work situation which they have good reason to consider to be a danger to the safety and health of workers and the environment or a fire hazard, as well as any deficiencies in protection systems, systems and installations fire protection;
  • to inform the workplace manager and / or the employer of the accidents suffered by his / her own person;
  • cooperate with the employer and / or designated workers, as long as necessary, in order to enable the employer to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe and without risks to safety and health in his field of activity and to make it possible to carry out any measures or requirements laid down by labor inspectors, health inspectors, ISU inspectors for the protection of the health and safety of workers, installations, the environment and animals;
  • to keep the workplace and the dining room, locker room, etc. clean.
  • to act in accordance with the procedures established at the workplace in the event of any serious and / or imminent danger of injury / fire;
  • to go to the medical examinations scheduled by the employer and to observe the recommendations/restrictions from the aptitude file;
  • to give the relations requested by the employer or his representatives, labor inspectors, inspectors and ISU inspectors;
  • not to change the state of affairs resulting from the occurrence of an event (accident, fire, etc.), except in cases where maintaining this state would generate other accidents or endanger the lives of the injured and other persons and only with the written consent of the workplace manager.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experience in the field of occupational safety and health and emergencies: 3-5 years; for a similar / equivalent position – 3 years; offshore work – 3 years.
  • Civil Protection Inspector Certificate;
  • Certified Technical Person in Fire protection Activities as per Romanian Legal requirements;
  • Course in the field of occupational safety and health with a duration of at least 80 hours, diploma of graduation of the course;
  • Graduation with a diploma or graduation certificate, as the case may be, of a postgraduate education program in the field of occupational safety and health, with a duration of at least 180 hours;
  • Basic certificate for rescue at sea and emergencies, including rescue from a helicopter crash (BOSIET/FOET);
  • Helicopter Landing Officer certificate (HLO);
  • Helicopter Emergency Response Team Leader Certificate (HERTL);
  • Driving license – B.
  • English – level: intermediate-advanced (conversational / writing / reading);
  • Computer operating: MS Office – level: medium-advanced;
  • Specific software maintenance – level: medium;
  • Ability to perform evaluation of operations from a safety and regulatory compliance standards perspective
  • Dedicated, hardworking, personal initiative, collaborate, team player, enthusiastic, energetic
  • High level of integrity and attention to detail
  • Strong sense of integrity and the ability to deal with ethical situations effectively.

Terms and conditions:

  • Permanent position
  • Location: Vadu, Constanta.

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