Contracts & Procurement Specialist

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Job title

Contracts & Procurement Specialist



Type of activity


Post date

23 March 2023

Job description


The Contracts & Procurement Specialist shall closely follow-up on the procurement of the company’s major items such as key equipment, long lead items, key services contracts and administration of the respective orders and contracts, and to provide support to the Contracts & Procurement Department on various other minor orders and contracts by liaising with the Contracts & Procurement team to coordinate a consolidated effort efficiently.



  • Lead the tendering effort for the purchases of the key items (complex equipment and/ or high value services) assigned to her/him;
  • Ensure that RFQ process is fair, open and transparent with all vendors;
  • Ensure that purchasing activities are carried out in accordance with Company policies and procedures;
  • Prepare Invitation to Tender package (ITT) for the purchase/ contracting of the key items (complex equipment and/ or high value services), i.e. instructions to tenderers, proposed form of contract, annexes and appendixes;
  • Review the material requisition for accuracy of information including complete description of items, delivery lead time and proper required on site date;
  • Prepare and ensure timely issue of RFQs;
  • Ensure timely receipt of vendors’ offers;
  • Ensure materials meet the required standards and specifications and its fit for purpose for which is intended for purchase;
  • Ensure that goods and/ or services is purchased from the most competitive source based on criteria of quality, delivery, and optimum cost option;
  • Ensure that goods and/ or services and supporting documentation is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the order and meets project schedule;
  • Ensure technical offers are distributed to project team in a timely manner for review and comments;
  • Ensure engineering technical queries are issued to vendors and replies are received in a timely manner and provided back to project team;
  • Ensure commercial information is kept confidential and not released outside of company management and contracting group;
  • Prepare accurate Commercial Bid Evaluations (CBE);
  • Review Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) and CBE to prepare Recommendation to Award (RTA) for internal approval;
  • Create the Purchase/ Service Order (PO) or Contracts with all supporting documentation;

Contracts and purchase/ service orders administration:

  • Administration of the placed orders and executed contracts for the key items (complex equipment and/ or high value services) by enforcing the agreed provisions;
  • Prepare letters to be addressed to suppliers or contractors for the case any provisions of the terms and conditions are not fulfilled or to defend any claim of additional cost and/or extension of time;
  • Provide internally contractual support to technical team on requests for managing the awarded suppliers/ contractors;
  • Incorporate the comments and the remarks received for the contracts reviewed internally by Project Team, Legal, Regulatory and Tax;
  • Prepare various extension/ addendums for existing contracts;


  • Ensure accurate and timely expediting of purchase and/ or service orders, updating the internal records for tracking purposes;
  • Review purchase and/ or service orders’ delivery requirements to ensure that quality and project requirements are being met;
  • Liaise with representatives of the suppliers throughout the full procurement cycle for ensuring on time delivery;
  • Liaise with internal stakeholders and various third parties which are supporting the expediting effort (i.e., custom agency, other specialized contractors, etc).
  • Identify and resolve any issues that may affect the suppliers’ ability to meet their contractual delivery;
  • Maintain accurate and complete records on expediting activities, supplier service levels and evaluate supplier performance;


  • University degree
  • Technical background preferred
  • Previous experience (>12 years) in contracts & procurement for major Oil & Gas projects (or industrial/ complex projects);
  • Experienced user Ms Office: Word, Excel, Power Point; SharePoint
  • Very good English language skills (speaking and writing);
  • Teamwork and people interaction ability for building business relationships with various stakeholders;
  • Able to communicate effectively with a variety of people;
  • Able to prioritise the workload with minimum supervision;
  • Attention to details, methodical and rigorous.

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Bucharest

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