Field Engineer

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Job title

Field Engineer



Type of activity


Post date

29 March 2023

Job description


The Field Engineer shall support operations team with administrative and technical tasks for keeping the data base related to production level, chemical analyses, daily and monthly reports, keeping the tracker of actions or activities defined by OIM or Operations Manager. He will assist OIM in planning and performing production related activities.


  • Monitoring and controlling production parameters in relation to all the processes of gas production
  • Preparing daily, weekly and monthly Production Reports
  • Taking over the Emerson Production Report from the printer at 7 a.m., scanning and sending to Transgaz; then the reports will be archived in files
  • Taking over the Control Room data: the MPFM production, the AC generators gas consumption, the MEG burner consumption, TEG consumption, the LP VENT gas quantities from the DCS operator, he completes the report and sends it to the partners and BSOG; he also completes the report to the reservoir engineer
  • Drafting the report for the partners – Daily General Gas Production report
  • Preparing reports, drafting templates for the morning operational 9 a.m. meeting
  • Creates the production parameters data base for reporting to BSOG, Transgaz, ANRE
  • Doing chemical analysis and registering the results in tracker
  • Monitoring the laboratory equipment functioning
  • Supervising chemicals stocks and injections and relevant results
  • Providing operator input/feedback into maintenance programs and production planning activities
  • Calculate gas ratios to detect deviations from specifications, using testing apparatus.
  • Monitor equipment functioning, observe temperature, level, and flow gauges, and perform regular unit checks, to ensure that each equipment is operating as it should. Propose start and shut down plant equipment
  • Test gas, chemicals, and air during processing to assess factors such as purity and moisture content, and to detect quality problems of gas or chemical leaks
  • Change charts in recording meters
  • Collaborate with other operators to solve unit problems
  • Contact maintenance crews when necessary
  • Monitor transportation and storage of flammable and other potentially dangerous products to ensure that safety guidelines are followed
  • Read log sheets to determine product demand and disposition, or to detect malfunctions.
  • Record, review, and compile operations records, test results, and gauge readings such as temperatures, pressures, concentrations, and flows
  • Signal or direct workers who tend auxiliary equipment
  • Provides technical/functional and/or administrative support
  • Can read and understand P&ID’s
  • Assist OIM in planning and performing production related activities
  • Assist OIM to prioritize, plan, schedule and manage production activities to meet manufacturing objectives in timely and cost-effective manner
  • Develop production plan and schedule to ensure continuous operations
  • Develop process improvements to improve workflow efficiency
  • Communicate production updates and errors to Manager on regular basis
  • Organize and schedule job trainings to employees
  • Generate production related reports to Manager and customers when needed
  • Communicate complex issues to Manager for immediate resolution
  • Working with the Subsurface Team to develop Reservoir Management Plans
  • Support evaluation of business development opportunities
  • Perform material balance calculations, pressure transient analysis, and production analysis.



  • Minimum 5 years experience in petroleum/oil & gas industry
  • Good understanding of the regulatory limits and monitoring requirements for emissions and discharges
  • Be able to carry out risk assessment and analysis
  • Previous Experience in operating oil & gas terminals
  • Previous Experience in operating normally unmanned platforms is a plus
  • Fluent in English both written and verbal
  • Good PC Skills

Qualifications/Training – Essential

  • University degree in Oil & Gas and relevant experience in the field
  • National qualification in an Operations discipline, or equivalent experience demonstrated
  • Valid BOSIET certificate is a plus
  • Experience on understanding and interpretation of lab analysis
  • Able to perform basic lab analysis

Terms and conditions

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Gas Treatment Plant Vadu, Constanta 

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