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Project Manager



Type of activity


Post date

03 August 2023

Job description


The Project Manager will lead all the CAPEX Projects and minor modifications (OPEX budget). The role will involve overseeing the complete execution of projects, ensuring their successful completion.


  • Plan, execute, monitor, and control CAPEX projects from start to finish, ensuring adherence to each project objectives, budgetary/schedule constraints, and Quality/HSSE standards;
  • Develop comprehensive project plans, project management guidelines/procedures, including scope, schedule, resource allocation, and risk management strategies;
  • Collaborate closely with operations teams and maintain effective communication throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Coordinate and manage contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and other project stakeholders to ensure timely and efficient projects execution;
  • Monitor and control contractors’ achievements in accordance with contractual requirements;
  • Monitor project progress, track key performance indicators, and provide regular reports to stakeholders, addressing any deviations from the project plan;
  • Identify potential issues, develop contingency plans, and implement proactive measures to mitigate project risks;
  • Manage projects budgets, including cost estimation, forecasting, and financial tracking, ensuring optimal resource utilization;
  • Complete the project within budget and on schedule with a high level of quality and safety in accordance with company standards;
  • Develop and implement a project organisation to ensure smooth project development and technical coordination;
  • Define the authority and responsibility of each member of the project management team;
  • Promote a collaborative and cohesive work environment, promoting teamwork, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement;
  • Work with Cost Controller financial team to monitor the progress of the work and implement strategies to correct for deficiencies in budgetary compliance and on-time completion of assigned scope of work. Implements corrective strategies to realign the project with budget and schedule requirements;
  • Work with HSSE and QA/QC to ensure safety compliance and to monitor quality of all aspects of the projects;
  • Work with Contracts and Procurement to ensure well defined scope of work and the right procedure and evaluation on contractors awarding;
  • Obtain through the procedures in place all necessary internal and external approvals;
  • Ensure fulfilment of legal requirements/project compliance during all project stages;
  • Ensure a smooth and timely transfer of the installation to operations team, including start-up and training of a full-time operations team during pre-commissioning activities;
  • Ensure project lesson learned are raised and shared with Management Team;
  • Ensure minimum footprint and harmonious integration of the facilities and activities within the areas concerned;
  • Ensure and maintain regular reporting for the projects during the lifecycle (define, planning, products selection & supplying, execution, monitoring & controlling, closing);
  • Ensure that safe working practices are carried out within the project team and the various contractors during all project’s phases;
  • Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies related to gas processing, incorporating relevant advancements into project strategies;
  • Miscellaneous Projects managed are within 100k USD and 10m USD. 


Technical knowledge

  • Graduate engineer with at least 15/20 years’ professional experience in oil and gas activities, including engineering, procurement & contracting, project construction, commissioning and coordination
  • Contractor and Company background (both) will be highly appreciated
  • Solid understanding of health and safety regulations and the ability to enforce compliance on project sites
  • Professional certifications in project management
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written)


  • Ability and experience to manage a large multidiscipline and multicultural team in an international environment
  • Ability to communicate with stakeholders (Shareholders, Partners and others) and local authorities
  • Highly autonomous and hands-on with strong entrepreneurship spirit
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively manage and motivate project teams to meet the project requirements
  • Able to communicate effectively with variety of people

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Bucharest

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