QA/QC Engineer

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QA/QC Engineer

Vadu/Constanta, Romania

Temporar, 1 an

19 aprilie

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We are looking for an experienced QA/QC Engineer with an excellent knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and construction for Oil & Gas equipment, piping, pipeline, familiar with international codes, standards and regulations, initially to our Project Midia Gas Development (MGD) and continue during Operational phase.

Role scope

To ensure that BSOG/Contractors/Suppliers comply with QA/QC requirements regarding inspections, repairs, monitoring, documentation filling, material and control traceability, materials/equipment reception, storage & preservation, installation, control, proof testing, functional testing.    

To ensure compliance on work sites with QA/QC rules and standards, Manufacturer O&M Manuals, MGD Maintenance Plans, identify and report the nonconformances.

To conduct specific activity in the work scope domain/subdomain in accordance with the applicable legislation.


  • Ensure the QA/QC works are adequately planed, organized and carried out to the right level of quality. Ensure that QA/QC requirements are respected in MGD Operational Phase.
  • Ensure support in O&M Process development providing inputs in internal procedures prepared/requested by O&M Management.
  • Monitor the quality aspects imposed by MGD O&M Manuals and initiate specific plans for implementation.
  • Report immediately any anomalies discovered related to specific requirements. When applicable issue the nonconformance reports and assist in developing of corrections, corrective actions.
  • Ensure / perform site plant supervision and inspections as per O&M Manuals, O&M Plans, Quality Plans, project requirements, applicable standards and approved Inspection and Test Plans.
  • Ensure performance of quantitative and qualitative receptions of all materials and equipment received on site for maintenance works. Verify the quality documentation of products supplied on site, respectively their correspondence with the provisions included in the projects.
  • Ensure the maintenance works are performed according to the approved working procedure, maintenance plan, design requirements and specified standards/regulations. Review and approve quality aspects of related maintenance site works inspection reports and quality documents applicable to specific discipline.
  • Draws up and submits for approval the procedures/instructions required in the company’s activities.
  • Ensure active support in finalization of MGD Final Documentation.
  • Monitor the progress of QA/QC activities on plant and submit regular reports to line manager.
  • Ensure the validity of the BSOG/Contractors/Suppliers company certificates, certificates of key personnel and infrastructure used on plant (personnel work specific certificate, authorizations, inspection tools calibration certificate, equipment & machinery certificate, etc.) applicable to specific works.
  • As applicable check the existence and validity of the welders’ certification, equipment calibration and certification, welding procedures specifications (WPS) and welding qualification reports (WPQR) applicable for site works.
  • As applicable check the existence and validity of the NDT operators’ certification, equipment calibration and certification, working procedures & specifications applicable for site works.
  • As applicable review, comments and approve the Contractors’/Suppliers’ QA/QC procedures and specifications applicable to worksites, including final documentation and certification files.
  • As applicable monitor and control site implementation of the approved Quality Plans, Inspection Test Plans, specific procedures and method statements in force for specific maintenance job task.
  • Attend on request at regular Operation and Maintenance meeting, providing inputs related to Quality issues.
  • Follow up the implementation of action plans issued from O&M meetings, nonconformances, Quality Reports, Audit Reports, authorities notifications and/or line management request.
  • Quality supervision of all activities performed on plant area for interventions, maintenance, installation, testing, certification, documentation completion.
  • Review and ensure that all quality files for material certification, installation, welding, NDT, testing are up to date and validated, including specific maintenance documentation from vendors/contractors and notifications to/from third parties.
  • Provide quality data to maintenance team for updates the CMMS-Maximo as required.
  • Ensure that the maintenance works are closely inspected by the Company representative, Contractor’s/Supplier’s responsible team, with fulfilment of specific project quality requirements.
  • Verify the site construction work status, prepares the progress reports and ensure the applicable Contractor’s monthly payment slips is validated in accordance with the existing situation.
  • Liaise with the O&M engineers quality inputs in plant behaviour, stocks materials-equipment, documentation status and location (physical and scanned files uploaded).
  • Verify, monitor and assures guiding support for the completion of the Maintenance Technical Book and for compliance to applicable codes, standards, specifications and regulations.
  • Attendance and provide inputs to Audits (Internal/External) organised in its area of supervision. Keeps under control and verifies the resolution of the corrections/corrective actions.
  • Provide inputs to RSVTI and line manager ref to documentation applicable and site condition status for specific pressure equipment under PED & CNCIR/ISCIR.
  • Take care of the way of using the equipment, consumables and other materials received from the company. Ensure the integrity of goods until these are handed over to the company.
  • Ensure the timely and accurate fulfilment of the specific tasks drawn or established by the line manager.
  • Acknowledge and implement the requirements of company management system. Collaborate with HSEQ Management to implement BSOG’s IMS, application control, efficacy assessment and update.
  • Acknowledge and implement the requirements of Projects and Corporate HSEQ Plans, O&M Plans addressing to specific discipline and area of activity
  • To carry out any other duties or tasks that may be assigned by his hierarchical superiors.
  • To maintain the confidentiality of information and documents related to the projects and BSOG organization.

Experience & Qualifications

  • University degree, Quality/Mechanical Engineering background with certification in welding and NDT inspection is a plus.
  • Good knowledge of local legislation applicable to plant in operation (i.e. ANRE, ISCIR technical prescriptions and legislation in force), is a plus.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in QA/QC Oil & Gas field, onshore projects development/operations.
  • Good knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and construction for Oil & Gas equipment, piping, pipeline. Familiar with international codes, standards and regulations (i.e. ASME B31.3, ASME V, EN ISO 10204, EN ISO 9606-1, ISO 9712, API, ISCIR PT, ANRE, NORSOK, NACE, PED 2014/68/EU, others equivalent).     
  • Good knowledge of ISO 9001 and ISO 10005 standards. Internal/External Auditor experience is a plus.
  • Experienced in handling QA/QC construction book, vendor documentation, maintenance dossiers.
  • Good command of English language (written and spoken);
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.

Terms and conditions:

  • Location: Vadu/Constanta
  • Temporary role: up to 31st December 2022

If interested and qualified, please upload your CV in the form below by 29th April, 2022.

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