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Job title

Senior Metering & Measurement Engineer


Vadu, Romania

Type of activity


Post date

08 August 2023

Job description


The Senior Metering & Measurement Engineer is directly responsible for all metering activities of maintaining metering system accurate and healthy to insure following national, contractual, and commercial standards and safe operation of metering system as well to minimise revenue losses due to meter inaccuracies and meet the alignment with Transgaz and ANRE Order 80/21.05.2020 and any other applicable regulations. Advises and monitor on routine maintenance periods for all metering & flow measurement instrumentation on site according to applicable codes, standards and legislation. Support the Operations Manager in respect with the maintenance support of the Production Data Management System (PDMS) e.g. PI System and P2, Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Well Testing System and operational flow measurement requirements.


Key responsibilities

  • Assists in providing production and flow measurement engineering support to the Onshore and Offshore team by advising on production strategies and conducting optimization studies;
  • Optimizes operation of flow measurement equipment and oil and gas production processes by performing computer simulations using commercially available packages and conducting site trials where necessary;
  • Flow measurement production problems shall be identified, and rectification measures initiated, installed and tested;
  • All facets of flow measurement requirements from a production viewpoint including assessment of performance shall be made on a regular basis to minimize costs while optimizing production;
  • Assists offshore and onshore personnel in making flow measurement and instrumentation modifications;
  • Prepares and evaluates measurement procedures and documents such as repair, operating, commissioning and testing procedures;
  • On site monitoring of flow measurement equipment, testing and other inspections to ensure compatibility with safe and efficient offshore and onshore operations;
  • Liaise with other units or departments in order to obtain information related to production and operation;
  • Assists, where possible, in the development and implementation of the Client Asset Management System, which is standardized across the Business Units;
  • Assists the facility and support personnel with preparation and implementation of short-and medium-term facility plans;
  • Maintains the operability of the Corporate Production Database for reporting purposes;
  • Ensures that all measurement and metering activities that are conducted comply with all legal and Company requirements;
  • Process related Engineering Change Requests (ECRs), Modification of Change (MoC), Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) and engineering studies related to metering and measurement systems and devices;
  • Responsible for scheduling technical activities and facilities maintenance to support oil and gas production which related to metering;
  • Performs non-routine tasks and attends such meetings, factory and site acceptance test as directed by the Operations Manager or as opportunity presents, in order to meet Company objectives;
  • Making sure that proper documentation is in place at all times and is kept updated and drives innovation in regard to development and implementation of new measurement methods;
  • Provide specialist metering and associated quality management inspection (including custody transfers and fiscal metering systems) maintenance support to all assets to ensure production efficiency through accurate volume measurements;
  • Review and develop maintenance plans/work instructions for these systems and carry out audits and periodic analysis of maintenance and calibration activities to enhance metering integrity and maintain license to operate through regulatory compliance;
  • Maintain the corporate gas metering database and maintain traceable records for the metering system and routine recalibration to maintain technical integrity and enhance business objectives and add value to the Operations team, ensuring that produced/measured fluids are correctly reported and measured, providing quality and maintenance checks to improve production efficiency;
  • Support field trials and evaluation of new metering instrumentation and manage the custodianship of software backup for metering and quality management inspection software to ensure continuous business activity and ensure metering integrit;
  • Keep abreast of new development in measuring technology and promote best practice sharing across the company and train operators on new developments in metering to enhance human capital development;
  • Ensure that periodical natural gas fiscal meter proving exercise and the system recertification exercise (prover loop calibration etc.) are carried out as provided for by the applicable regulations. Ensure the Monthly/Quarterly system validation of the Gas fiscal metering system are properly carried out with no issues with the Authorities and third parties in support of the business;
  • Ensure that all fiscal, legislative and allocation metering are maintained and operated to the standards required to satisfy contractual, legislative, and operational requirements in support of the business;
  • Carry out performance monitoring programs, including control charting and availability reporting and troubleshoot and investigate metering system failures utilizing root cause analysis to sustain meter reliability and integrity;
  • Interface with the Subsurface Team, communicate the reliability of well test measurements and as required, assist the Process Engineer in carrying out metering related studies concerning environment, production. etc. to improve the business.


Technical knowledge 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Electronic, Control and Instrumentation Engineering or equivalent;
  • Have minimum +7 years in Fiscal Metering and flow computer working experience;
  • Production/Operations experience (oil & gas industry);
  • Good knowledge of O&G industry standards and good & safe practices;
  • Good knowledge of Emerson Fiscal Metering and Multiphase Flow Meters (Coriolis, Venturi, Vortex);
  • Good understanding of Standard ISO 17089/AGA10/AGA 8/EN 1776/ISO6976 and ANRE Order 80/21.05.2020;
  • Fully proficient in the use of measurement & calibration tools;
  • Fully proficient in metering technology and flow meters is a must;
  • Qualified in the specialist field of PLC instrumentation and programming;
  • Experience of process plant operations and maintenance is a must;
  • Control systems experience is essential;
  • Fluency in English (speaking and writing).


  • Capacity for both independent work, working in teams and to work in an energetic supporting environment;
  • Strong computer literacy;
  • Proven skills for co-ordination and interface management, communication, work organisation;
  • Self-starter and able to take control and work independently;
  • Ability to think strategically and develop practical plans, to plan and prioritise projects/workload, to deal with multiple tasks/projects and to coordinate these effectively in order to meet deadlines;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to build and maintain relations at all levels.

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Vadu, Romania

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