Laboratory Technician

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Vadu, Romania

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19 iunie 2023

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The Laboratory Technician will provide instructional support services by performing technical work in a chemistry laboratory: order, issues, prepares and maintains laboratory materials, supplies and associated equipment. Duties assigned to the Laboratory Technician require considerable technical knowledge and abilities in the Oil & Gas field. The Laboratory Technician will be accountable in the performance of duty and responsible for supervising and maintaining all laboratory supplies, material equipment and records all data.


  • Inventory, orders, receives and stock materials, supplies and equipment for laboratory use.
  • Issue and maintains the records on materials loaned and maintain records on lockers.
  • Demonstrate and provide proper use and care of laboratory materials and equipment.
  • Maintaining security of laboratories, laboratory equipment, supplies and materials.
  • Prepare and dispenses solution and chemical material used for laboratory which may include reagents, chemicals, acids, bases, buffers, stains and unknows.
  • Perform analyses on water, reagents, and unknown compounds.
  • Clean up after each laboratory analyses session by washing, and if is necessary, sterilizing tools, equipment.
  • Calibrates and maintains scientific equipment and supplies.
  • Monitor production of collects and process hazardous waste material and toxic chemical material resulting from laboratory analyses and properly stored hazardous waste.
  • Evaluate chemicals and equipment for suitability, cost, availability, and other factors.
  • May assist and supervise the sample collection activities.
  • May maintain expenditure records and provide data for budget estimates.
  • Performs related duties as required. 

Familiar with analysis methods as:

  • Gas Chromatography, SR EN ISO 6974-1: SR EN ISO 6974-5/2014: PS-CSO-02
  • Sulphur compounds in natural gas: ASTEM D 5504-20
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons in natural gas: Gas-chromatography
  • MEG/TEG analysis:
    • pH determination
    • Total iron concentration
    • Chloride content
    • Petroleum products
    • Suspended solids, determined gravimetrically
    • Density, SR EN ISO 12185/2003 using an densitometer Anton Paar 35 at room temperature
    • Water content, determinate acc. to ASTM E1064-16 by Karl-Fisher titration-coulometric method, using a Cou-Lo Aquamax KF Moisture Meter titration and Metrohm Titration 852 titrator
    • Viscosity performed according to ASTE D 7042/16.
    • Flash point according to ASTEM D 3828
    • CCO-Cr determined by spectrophotometric after acid digestion of sample
  • Diesel Analysis
    • Density at 20ºC and 25 ºC according with SR EN ISO 12185/2003
    • Impurity contends by centrifugal method (mechanics, water emulsion)
    • Water contends according with SR EN ISO 9029/2002
    • Chloride contends according with ASTM D #@#)/2029.
    • Frozen point, according with STAS 39/80
    • Cinematic viscosity by ASTM D 7042/16cs.
    • Distillery, by initial point (100ºC) up to final point (300ºC) and 100 % volume.


Technical knowledge

  • Course content, equipment, safety and other procedure, suppliers and reference material related to appropriate science laboratory.
  • Concept associated with chemistry.
  • Mathematics skill to make calculations such as metric weight and volumes, percent, and molar solutions
  • Method and procedure of preparing materials used in laboratory.
  • Sufficient human relation skills to guide the operation personnel and to convey technical concepts
  • Operational characteristics of laboratory apparatus, equipment and materials pertaining to assigned laboratory and subject area.
  • Occupational hazard and standard safety practices including methods and techniques used in handling and disposing of hazardous chemicals
  • Principles and procedures of record keeping and filing.
  • Basic inventory and purchasing process and procedures.
  • Good command of English language (written and spoken).


  • Read and understand technical manuals and protocols
  • Listen actively and effectively, identify and solve problems and facilitate problem solving
  • Operate office equipment including computers and supporting work processing
  • Perform routine record keeping and report writing duties, work independently and collaboratively
  • Plan and organize work to meet changing priorities and deadlines
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the work.
  • Set up, modify, adjust and make minor repairs to laboratory apparatus and equipment.
  • Operate, calibrate and perform minor troubleshooting and repair of laboratory and office equipment and tools.

Terms and conditions:

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Location: Vadu Gas Treatment Plant, Constanta 

If interested and qualified, please upload your CV in the form below by July 5th, 023.

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